Service Cancellation Policy

First: Cancellation of active services
With regard to the policy of canceling active services, any services that are booked through the website or through the company headquarters and paid for are considered effective and immediate action is taken regarding them, including the start of implementing software works, agreements, contracts or active subscriptions for all services, including but not limited to servers and hosting services Internet sites and all the company services, and that once the service is activated, the customer is obligated to abide by the agreed contract period and is bound to renew the service automatically. Monthly and one month for annual subscriptions, and there is no possibility to cancel the service before the expiry date of its specified subscription, or if it has been implemented programmatically. By claiming it back or compensation for its price, in order to achieve his desire to cancel A. Effective service(s).
Second: Cancellation of services before activating them
The subscriber has the right to cancel the services only in the event that the services are not yet effective or whose implementation has not started, within the first 24 hours from the date of payment of the due value. By canceling any services that were subscribed to, and the company does not bear any legal responsibility towards the cancellation, whether material or moral, and the customer is not entitled to claim any compensation for the losses resulting from this cancellation, even if the claim was made within a period of less than 24 hours, unless the conditions for cancellation of ineffective services are met.
Third: Legal violations and misuse
Red Sea Host or any of its electronic platforms has the right to cancel any agreements, contracts, subscriptions or services for its customers without referring to them or communicating with them in the event that the service violates one of public morals or recognized international or local laws or was exploited fraudulently or In a way that endangers the safety of society, and this is a violation of the terms of use and international, local or security agreements, enumerating all of the following: Promotion of adult goods and services, promotion of alcoholic beverages, body parts, child pornography, all pornography, illegal sale of copyright in media or software, trade in copyright for decoders, trade in counterfeit or unlicensed goods whether through the website or Application, content that promotes drugs or drug abuse tools, endangered species, gambling services or online gambling, prediction services for financial or sports transactions or gambling in all its forms, including betting, lotteries and chips used for betting in places designated for gambling and side betting or betting in races of all kinds Stealing or publishing government or confidential documents or personal identities or hacking and misappropriation of personal identities Promoting combustible or corrosive hazardous materials Promoting illegal merchandise Trade in live animals (except licensed animal grooming stores) Spiritual remedies related to witchcraft Phantom projects to collect And money trading, offensive goods or crime, everything related to Pre-pubescent photos or videos, promoting prescription drugs, controlled substances or unauthorized drugs, promoting or selling fireworks online, tobacco and cigarettes, firearms, ammunition and explosives, escort services of all kinds, goods or services that incite or support hatred, racial discrimination, violence, terrorism, websites that transmit racist information or defamation for the purposes of incitement to insurrection or lawlessness, counterfeit goods or goods that infringe on the intellectual rights of a third party, military information and materials, single-level arrays or Multiple, multi-level (fraudulent) marketing or similar products, marketing or sale of virtual private networks and proxy services (VPN), software for spam and mailing lists (spam and spam), growth hormones, anabolic alternatives and fake nutritional and diet supplements, crowdfunding Marijuana sales and related businesses, counterfeit goods, drugs and related items all, any material designed to mimic illegal drugs, illegal products and services, any product or service that infringes the copyrights, trademarks, or trade secrets of any third party, any product, service, or activity that is misleading, harmful, harmful, or prohibited by One or more countries or any government systems, any product, service or activity that may harm the reputation of Red Sea Host in any way, trading gift cards, electronic cards, closed-loop cards, electronic devices Mining, artistic and antique paintings, passports, identities and counterfeit money, female workers recruitment services, promotion or sale of jewelry and precious stones (except for services related to licensed stores such as e-marketing, an online store for a store dedicated to selling jewelry), auctions, Red Sea Host can update this list At any time, the list is not considered final or definitive.
The customer shall be fully satisfied with all these conditions immediately upon using, subscribing or purchasing any of the services of Red Sea Host, and the Arabic version of this agreement is the officially approved one, and the English version is for translation purposes only. The terms of the User Agreement and the Privacy Policy apply alongside this Agreement as provided by law.

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Last updated 03/10/2023