Privacy And Data Protection Policy

First: Confidentiality and Privacy Policy
Red Sea Host is committed, through all its platforms, to maintaining the confidentiality of personal information related to its customers completely, as well as preserving their materials available in the leased space from tampering, vandalism, or leakage to any party. Red Sea Host or any of its platforms has no right to leak Any information and for any party except by a legal ruling approved by the competent authorities.
Neither Red Sea Host nor Red Sea Host will ask its users for a password or any confidential data
Neither Red Sea Host nor Red Sea Host will request any personal information from users except for the purpose of authenticating official documents, invoices, or creating accounts for what is required to document documents officially after stamping them within the archiving, and no unauthorized employee can view this data and the information is Within what is needed to implement the required goals only.
The Arabic version of the Legal Agreements and Policies is the only current valid version of this document. Any translated version is provided for your convenience only, to make it easier to read and understand the Arabic version. Any translated versions are not legally binding and cannot replace the Arabic versions. In the event of a dispute or objection, the legal agreements and policies prevail in Arabic and in accordance with the provisions of the law in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
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Last updated 03/10/2023