Simple Tasks
Technical Support
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$75 USD/task
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    Resolve simple code problem
    Fix page issues or build simple page
    Supported languages php,html,css,js
    Fix database related issues
    Takes up to 3 days to review
    Does not include encrypted content
Customized Software
Software Development
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    Personal,business,e-commerce web app
    Professional and responsive pages
    Content based on requirements
    We provide open source code
    Takes up to 7 days to review
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Whats makes our software development services so special?

Facing technical and programming issues within your web application? Simply we take care of this by offering a unique software development services that you must love, our software services are basically built for businesses and to help you start your business online, own your web application or resolve problems within your code and web pages.

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Our customer support team is highly trained to take care of your concerns 24/7/365.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Before you proceed with your order it's better to review some important Q&A

What type of software development services you offer?
  • We offer two types of software development services, either a technical support service and this is to help you resolve any issues within your code or basically help you with your current web application , or simply a full software development service and this is to build you a brand new web application based on your requirements as we offer the best for your online business, our services support the following languages php,html,css,js.

What is project review?
  • Project review is the process of reviewing your project or your requirements that we will work on however sometimes based on your requirements we might reject your order and provide you with a full refund, since this service is something requiring technical knowledge we need to review the tasks you are intending to do as for some tasks it might not be applicable or might be out of our business scope.

Do we offer any other type of applications than web?
  • Unfortunately not, at the meantime we offer only support for web applications that are not encrypted.

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