Products Delivery Policy

First: the mechanism and time of product delivery
It is in Red Sea Host Company through the Red Sea Host website, we deliver more than half of our products immediately after requesting them, especially internet hosting products, ready-made websites, ready-made software, domain reservations, web hosting services, some small ready-made servers and other services, and we start preparing Immediately after completing the payment process and confirming it by the competent team. As for private and full servers, they are booked through the data center and need to be prepared and delivered within a maximum period of 24 hours to our valued customers. We also deliver special software, software projects and special software works during the contracted period, as well as website products. Electronic services that require software of a special type, and the delivery of services begins as soon as they are prepared or worked on, and they are considered effective within a maximum of 24 hours in these cases. The aforementioned products are also delivered, with the exception of some special cases according to the agreed contract period or mentioned in the agreed contracts. Red Sea Host Technology Solutions is not responsible Smart or Red Sea Host is responsible for any force majeure or external circumstances that cause a delay in delivery These products are destroyed for a reason beyond their control (such as wars, disasters, etc.).
All products are delivered through the dedicated hosting system in Red Sea Host automatically through the customer’s area and through the Red Sea Host website. In some cases, the products are delivered either through a notification of communication through the WhatsApp application, or through the customer entering the area designated for the products to receive the product.
Second: The person assigned to receive the product
Red Sea Host, through the Red Sea Host website, matches the data and delivers the products to its valued customers according to the agreements and under the names of the accounts registered with it, and it is not responsible for the customers selling their products or making any data leakage to a third party
It is also prohibited to deal with a third party, and Red Sea Host Smart Solutions or any of its platforms bears no legal responsibility for the entry of a third party into the customer’s account or for a third party to receive the product on behalf of a customer unless the company is notified of that and the third party’s data is recorded as an official party in the transaction and the customer alone bears Full legal responsibility for it.

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Last updated 03/10/2023

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