Terms Of Service Agreement

“Red Sea Host” provides many services, websites and servers on the web for many customers and users, and thus it is responsible for protecting every user and providing the best possible service through its various platforms.
The purpose of these Terms of Service is to set out your obligations as a user when you use any of our services offered through our website.
The objectives of the policy of “Red Sea Host” are to define the necessary principles for the smooth use that achieves the best results for users in the successful manner expected from your use of the services of Red Sea Host provided to you.
We welcome you to “Red Sea Host” and the Red Sea Host website, and we inform you that the following terms of service will apply to you as a user, and we hope that you will fully comply with them:
First: Acceptance of the general rules:
1. The current Terms of Service will be considered a binding document defining and defining the obligations of users regarding the services provided by “Red Sea Host”.
2. The current terms of service of “Red Sea Host” can be amended and changed from time to time, and these changes become effective immediately after being announced by “Red Sea Host” on its website or through its electronic platforms, and it will not give “Red Sea Host” Technology for Smart Solutions” or its platforms shall give prior notice of such change.
3. All items of this contract are subject to the Terms of Service, Dealing Policy, User Agreement, Privacy Policy, Money Back Policy, Product Delivery Policy, and Cancellation Policy shown on the site.
4. All operations carried out through your use of “Red Sea Host” services will be binding on the relevant parties as set forth here, and the current terms of service govern any of the operations carried out by you or through the use of your account or through the service provided to you.
5. Each user of “Red Sea Host” services undertakes to respect the objectives of the “Red Sea Host” website as described here and the usage policy, and not to use it for various prohibited purposes, for example: hacking websites and networks, messaging others without their consent, “spam” , chain letters, hierarchical sites or others.
6. In the event of a delay in paying the cost of the service (whatever hosting, programming, design, subscriptions, etc.) Adding a fee of 25% of the value of the service in return for reopening the service for subscribers upon delay in payment, and for subscribers of private and shared servers. A fee of 25% of the subscription value is added, and for each day 1 JOD, and in the event of a delay of more than 10 days, “Red Sea Host” unfortunately will have to permanently cancel the service, and Red Sea Host bears no responsibility for the damages that may be caused to the user as a result of this discontinuation and cancellation.
7. The service is launched immediately after the payment process, after the customer has notified us of the payment process and verified its validity. The notification is by sending a short message (SMS) to our phone number (+962778984129) or via the ticket system on the website
( https://redsea-h.com ).
8. Red Sea Host provides an advanced and integrated technical support service through its own website for customer service and to ensure permanent communication with them. The task of technical support is to solve problems resulting from the server itself and answer customer inquiries, and it is not responsible for problems resulting from the use or Client installation of any programs or any file.
9. The user is fully responsible for any activity resulting from his account, and he is also responsible for securing the username and password that he uses.
10. Dear user, just browsing and using the products of “Red Sea Host” company, you automatically agree to the terms contained in this document, and any violation thereof, the user bears legal responsibility for that, and “Red Sea Host” has the right to claim any compensation if that violation caused “Red Sea Host” incurred any losses, and these conditions apply to any third party with whom the customer deals if he is allowed to invest the product on terms or with the approval of “Red Sea Host” or through permitted transactions in accordance with the general provisions.
Second: “Red Sea Host” services:
“Red Sea Host” provides its users, through its website, with several direct electronic services, including, but not limited to hosting websites, private servers, shared servers, website design, website programming, application programming, e-mail services, e-marketing, computer consulting , domain names, and more.
Any new services of “Red Sea Host” will be subject to the current terms of service, unless expressly stated otherwise by “Red Sea Host”. “Red Sea Host” reserves the right at any time to modify, cancel or suspend any part of the services without prior notice. And you agree that “Red Sea Host” will not be liable to you in any way due to such modification, cancellation, cessation or suspension of the services or any part thereof.
Third: Obligations to register and request a service
A- Correct information:
• To register and request a service from “Red Sea Host”, you are obligated to give all the information required for your registration correctly, such as name, address and all other information requested on the registration and application forms on the “Red Sea Host” website.
• After completing the registration on the “Red Sea Host” website, you will be solely responsible at any time for any false statements or incorrect or fraudulent information sent from you or through the services. And you undertake to immediately update the information provided by “Red Sea Host” when it is later modified by you, in the event of any change or according to any other circumstances.
• Any fraud or submission of false information or intentional misuse of “Red Sea Host” services in violation of the current terms of service will lead to the suspension or termination of your account with “Red Sea Host” without prejudice to any financial compensation that must be paid to “Red Sea Host” Or any other compensation as a result of your breach of contract.
B- Subscribing to one of the “Red Sea Host” services:
1. After registering with “Red Sea Host” through the service provider, the Red Sea Host website, “Red Sea Host” will open an account for you in your name in Red Sea Host and provide you with a password.
2. “Red Sea Host” through the Red Sea Host website reserves the right, according to its discretion, to accept or reject your request for one of the services of “Red Sea Host” or any of its platforms for any reason or in accordance with the current terms of service contained here.
3. You agree to keep the password confidential, and you will be responsible for all operations carried out through your account:
3.1 Any transaction carried out through your account shall be binding on you.
3.2 You agree to immediately inform “Red Sea Host” of any unauthorized use of your account and/or password.
3.3 You must verify that you are completely out of your account or control panel after completing your activities on the account. Any loss or damage incurred by you as a result of not complying with this will be at your full risk and responsibility.
Fourth: General behavior:
1. The user has the right to invest the service provided to him by Red Sea Host in the way he deems appropriate, provided that he does not deceive, deceive, swindle and defraud others, harm others or resell to other people, unless there is a prior agreement between the customer and “Red Sea Host Technology”. Smart Solutions” on the sale order.
2. Neither “Red Sea Host” nor any of its platforms will be responsible for any incorrect or incomplete information or contents provided by any user, but any incorrect information must be duly corrected after notification from any concerned party, or It may be removed in whole or in part, or the service may be suspended until it is corrected at the sole discretion of Red Sea Host.
3. That you, as a user who is constantly interested in keeping “Red Sea Host” services at the level of international standards (network package), you can report to “Red Sea Host” about any violations of the rights of other parties in relation to the services provided or use, or about any Violation of the Terms of Service. Red Sea Host will take the necessary measures to stop this violation or violation, or withdraw information or stop that source, and inform its users about this if it deems it necessary.
4. You will abide by all applicable national or international laws and regulations, including what offends Islam or contradicts Islamic law, whether by insinuating, declaring, or insulting any religion. and Content deemed offensive or defamatory to any particular race, creed, color, or gender. You must also refrain from offering, selling or using Prohibited Content such as weapons, stolen and obscene materials, as well as without limitation unlicensed or pirated software, scripts and services, CDs, software and videos that infringe the intellectual property rights of a third party. Accordingly, you agree to assume full responsibility for any content or use through your account on “Red Sea Host”.
5. You agree to compensate and guarantee the loss of “Red Sea Host” from the receipt of any claim submitted against “Red Sea Host” by another party based on or resulting from the use or any violation by you of the intellectual property rights of a third person. You will also indemnify and guarantee the loss of “Red Sea Host” from any responsibilities, compensations, losses, costs, expenses, fees, claims or legal actions arising from any reason, through any relationship directly or indirectly with your use or access to the services, and or resulting from your failure to comply with these Terms of Service.
Fifth: Prohibited Acts:
1. You agree not to use any of the services of Red Sea Host in order to use, distribute, store, process, or link to any of the following: 1.1 Illegal materials: This includes copyrighted works and programs, commercial sounds, video or audio files, and any material that contradicts the laws and regulations of any legitimate government or organization, or that you are not authorized to use all or part of it, or that you do not have the right to publish it, or that violates the rights of third party intellectual property or infringes any other proprietary rights. 1.2 Adult Material: This includes all pornography, sexual images, or various lewd and obscene content including impurity, violence or any mature content. Red Sea Host will be the sole arbiter of what is considered as “adult material”. 1.3 Content deemed offensive or defamatory to any particular race, creed, color, or gender. 1.4 Pirated Materials - including pirated software, ROMS and Emulators, hackers, password crackers, spyware and any viruses or other intent to damage files, data, software, computers or computer systems, including viruses known as “Trojans” the worms and time bombs or any other harmful or null programs. 1.5 Sending unsolicited mailing lists and messages (spam), sending advertising or promotional materials, chain or hierarchical messages, or any form of unsolicited correspondence in violation of laws and regulations. Accordingly, the site is not opened except after approval of Red Sea Host, and the user must pay a fine The amount is 100 Jordanian dinars for the first time and 300 Jordanian dinars if the violation is repeated, and “Red Sea Host” can terminate the services of the beneficiary as required in the interest of the company. 1.6 You will not in any way disturb or use the services of “Red Sea Host” for purposes that breach the confidentiality and security of any network, host or account. Such as SPAM, flooding, mail bombing, or any other attempt to load the network or its servers beyond their capacity or destroy them completely. Based on this, the prescribed fine is paid, which is 500 Jordanian dinars.
1.7 You will not use the Services in breach of any applicable national or international laws, or in contravention of any accepted Internet protocol.
1.8 Any violation of the policy of “Red Sea Host” regarding the prohibited actions mentioned above, will lead to the termination of your account with “Red Sea Host” without prior notice and to stop providing you with services and possibly sue you before the competent courts. In addition, you agree to fully compensate “Red Sea Host” and guarantee the loss of “Red Sea Host” for any losses, compensations, expenses, claims or legal pursuits resulting from or related in any way to your previous actions.
Sixth: Spam:
The definition of spam or (Spamming) is the act of advertising or sending an e-mail, broadcast or other means through messaging services or unsolicited and unsolicited contents, including advertising and promotional materials, to other users who do not wish or do not allow to receive such messages or content. Spam includes, but is not limited to:
1.1 Sending junk mail.
1.2 The use of lists of persons without their prior consent is not permitted for such communications.
1.3 Commercial advertisements for people or news groups by e-mail.
1.4 Harassing and/or threatening users in any way.
1.5 Targeting and sending inappropriate messages or emailing them.
1.6 “Red Sea Host” has a monitoring and control system for spam to limit spam work sent to and from users.
1.7 “Red Sea Host” will make every effort to answer all and any complaints from users in this regard.
1.8 Any violation of the policy of “Red Sea Host” regarding spam will lead to the termination of your account with “Red Sea Host” without prior notice and to stop providing you with services and possibly sue you before the competent courts. In addition, you agree to fully indemnify “Red Sea Host” and guarantee the loss of “Red Sea Host” for any losses, compensations, expenses, claims or legal prosecutions resulting from or related in any way to your conduct of spam.
Seventh: Use of the service:
The use of the services provided by “Red Sea Host” and its platforms is limited only to the main owner. Users are prohibited from authorizing anyone to enter the account, resell, store, or provide the service for a fee or not from their sites to other people, unless there is a prior agreement between the user and “ Red Sea Host. Any attempt to defame or cause harm to servers, customers or users of “Red Sea Host” is strictly prohibited.
Illegal use of any account can result in a warning, suspension or termination of service or even legal action.
Eighth: Exemption from Liability:
1- Red Sea Host is not responsible for any gaps that occur on your system, especially the gaps resulting from your system and not its software, and therefore you are solely responsible for any gaps or errors on your system.
2- Red Sea Host “will not and cannot supervise and monitor (with regard to and without limitation the accuracy, legality, quality, completeness or seriousness) of any and all content or materials displayed on its users’ websites (except for those created and owned by” Red Sea Host Technology Solutions smart”).
Thus, you agree that “Red Sea Host” will not be liable for any content or materials or damages related to it, or losses or claims that arise due to and from the use or publication of this content.
3- Red Sea Host will not be responsible for any unpaid transaction (or any expenses related to it) made through the services of “Red Sea Host” and it will not guarantee the financial ability of its users.
4- Any deals, operations or dealings that benefit you through the service will be at your own risk and will be effective between you and that other party. Under no circumstances will Red Sea Host be liable for any loss, damage, costs, expenses or claims arising out of or from these deals or dealings incurred as a result of your use of the service or as a result of your dealings with or through other users.
5- Red Sea Host takes a (monthly) backup copy, but Red Sea Host is not responsible for the client's files, and backup copies are first and foremost the responsibility of the customer and he can The customer has the right to take a backup copy (daily, weekly, monthly) and Red Sea Host has the right to refrain, at any time, from providing any customer with a backup copy as it deems appropriate.
6- The customer or the beneficiary may not use any applications or programs that would add or operate unentitled features unjustly, and Red Sea Host releases all legal responsibility in this matter, and this is not limited to any software commands that are exploited, and in the event that it is discovered, Red Sea Host must be informed Smart Solutions Technology immediately regarding it for inspection, and Red Sea Host Technology Smart Solutions is not responsible for any damages resulting from misuse.
Ninth: Exclusion from warranties
1. You acknowledge and agree that, except as provided herein, the Services are provided on an (as is) basis without any express or implied warranty.
In particular, “Red Sea Host” does not guarantee that the service will comply with any of your needs or requirements, nor does “Red Sea Host” represent that the service will be free from errors or interruptions, or that it will be secure or accurate in time, nor The software of “Red Sea Host” will be error-free.
2. You agree that any damages incurred by you as a result of such use, installation of software and scripts, or use of the Services will be your responsibility.
3. “Red Sea Host” is trying to do its best to provide services in the best possible way and to be a great performer. Therefore, Red Sea Host will not be liable for any damages that may arise.
4. “Red Sea Host”, with the exception of what is stated in this contract, disclaims all legal responsibility, and it does not include the contents of the ready-made software that is running and any matters related to the systems and what may happen to them in the event that the systems are not tested and examined by the customer and verified, or unless specific items are excluded mentioned in this contract.
Tenth: Confidentiality and Privacy Policy
Red Sea Host is committed to fully maintaining the confidentiality of personal information related to its customers, as well as preserving their materials available in the leased space from tampering, vandalism or leakage to any party whatsoever, and Red Sea Host Technology Network for Smart Solutions has no right to leak any information to any party except by virtue of Certified legal.
Eleven: Cancellation of the contract
In the event that the customer wishes to cancel the contract, he must contact “Red Sea Host” by mail or via tickets on the website at least ten days before the end of the contract to cancel the contract, and the customer shall bear all financial obligations or losses resulting from that, including payment of the subscription value or Remaining commitment or automatic renewal, if the service so requires.
Twelfth: Termination
1. “Red Sea Host” may transfer or delete, at its sole discretion, any content, information or materials that “Red Sea Host” objects to for any reason, such as violating any condition of the current terms of service or any law or instructions applied related to it.
2. Any breach by you of any of the current terms of service will lead to the closure of your account with “Red Sea Host” and the immediate termination of all transactions related to it with you without prior notice.
3. Among the material breaches of the current terms of service leading to the termination of your account (the completely prohibited actions mentioned in the Fifth Clause and spam activities, which may be criminally prosecuted). Violating users will be fully responsible for any unlawful acts and may be prosecuted according to the rules before the competent courts.
4. “Red Sea Host” will be the sole arbiter in violation of any of the rules and conditions mentioned above, and it also has the power to cancel the customer’s service at any time and for any reason, and the customer is not entitled to claim any amounts paid.
Thirteenth: Responsibility of “Red Sea Host”:
Despite what is stated here, “Red Sea Host” is not obligated in any way towards any claim based on or arising from any user’s behavior, misconduct, any illegal or inaccurate content, spam, or the user’s non-compliance with the terms of service or non-compliance with the laws and instructions related to the service, or otherwise. In no way shall the liability of “Red Sea Host” arising from a contract or tortious act include any direct or indirect, subsidiary, incidental or foreseeable damages or losses, including but not limited to, such losses and Compensation related to communications security, data or code loss, cost of use, loss of profits and/or goodwill, even if Red Sea Host Tech for Smart Solutions has been informed of the possibility of damages arising from, but not limited to, the use of the service and related results and interruption Use or communication and refusal to enter the service and transactions and deals executed through the service.
Likewise, “Red Sea Host” has the right to keep any amounts previously paid for any service that was canceled due to its violation of one or some of the aforementioned conditions, obligations or policies, and to refuse, cancel or suspend the service as it deems appropriate.
Fourteenth: “Red Sea Host” platforms and affiliated websites:
1. All terms of this contract are subject to all electronic platforms belonging to Red Sea Host W.L.L. They are treated reciprocally and must be officially approved by the company. The company does not recognize any platforms that are not approved by “Red Sea Host”.
2. All rights, company policies, usage policy, privacy policy apply to all electronic platforms approved and affiliated with “Red Sea Host” in addition to the terms related to those platforms and their products and what is required to operate their services, while retaining the right to update the items in line with the nature of the work of each of the departments and platforms of “Red Sea Host”.
3. Users can check and review the platforms included in “Red Sea Host” directly through the company’s official website:
( https://Red Sea Hosttech.com.jo/platforms.php )
4. To verify the authenticity of the company's electronic platforms, users must ensure that those platforms bear the company's logo, which is not allowed or authorized by any party to use it in any way except with the permission of the company or an official approval of that by the company's management.
5. The electronic platforms of “Red Sea Host” can provide the concerned authorities, governments, and official institutions with an official letter if necessary, proving that they are an integral part of the business of “Red Sea Host.”
6. Users must be responsible for verifying the validity of the company’s websites and divisions, and “Red Sea Host” disclaims its legal responsibility for any form of counterfeiting in this regard, and it shall not bear any damages or compensation resulting from that to users.
7. Our electronic platforms work to be an integral part of the “Red Sea Host” company. Rather, they are departments within the company that have been allocated to be independent in their work in one of the fields of information technology licensed within the company’s business, where the platforms act as a specialized department to carry out specific works that are more expanded to achieve development and inclusiveness in the fields of information technology.
Fifteenth: Intellectual Property Rights:
1. You will be legally responsible for any breach of obligation or breach of any of Red Sea Host Technologies Smart Solutions' rights or third party intellectual property rights.
2. In the event of any violation or breach by a third party of your intellectual property rights, or a breach of the intellectual property rights or property rights of others, please inform us via the direct contact form or by writing to us on the private mail for complaints and issues of fraud and inconvenience
( complaints@Red Sea Hosttech.com.jo )
Sixteenth: Divisibility:
If any provision of the terms of service is considered illegal or unenforceable, the legal validity and application of the rest of the current terms of service will not be affected and will not be diminished in any way, and the rest of the terms of service will continue in effect and in force between you and “Red Sea Host”.
Seventeenth: Amending the Terms of Service:
“Red Sea Host” may, from time to time and at its discretion, change, modify or delete any of the current terms of service.
Such modifications or changes will be effective immediately. Therefore, “Red Sea Host” urges its users to review the terms of service of “Red Sea Host” and the policies of its platforms periodically to update their information in this regard. You may also be subject to other terms of service when you enter and use services that are affiliated with those of “Red Sea Host” and that you agree to comply with these additional terms of service. In this matter and cancels all offers or any other written agreement other than the approved mail of “Red Sea Host” or its website, whether it was oral or between you and “Red Sea Host”. Following these conditions and ensuring that they are not violated guarantees the safety of your site or services from any damage, and in the event of violation of the previous conditions, the account will be suspended and the customer is not entitled to claim any amounts paid, and Red Sea Host will not bear any responsibility for that.
The Arabic version of the Legal Agreements and Policies is the only current valid version of this document. Any translated version is provided for your convenience only, to make it easier to read and understand the Arabic version. Any translated versions are not legally binding and cannot replace the Arabic versions. In the event of a dispute or objection, the legal agreements and policies prevail in Arabic and in accordance with the provisions of the law in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

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Last updated 03/10/2023