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Simply the best out preforming virtual private servers with most powerful recourses and reasonable pricing AMD EPYC 7282 processors with simultaneous multithreading can offer your business a wild range of features with full root access and all you need in one place try our VPS now.

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Frequently asked questions

Before you proceed with your order it's better to review some important Q&A

What is VPS hosting?
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) is one of the most flexible web hosting options with better resources and performancing than shared hosting using private partition technology you will get dedicated resources on a physical server. You can freely control and customize and configure your server. Therefore, VPS is the perfect option for professionals who need flexibility and power for their projects with affordable pricing.

    Our VPS hosting is considered unmanaged since you will be responsible for all the work inside the server and configuration as you will recieve an IP address and full root access. However, Red Sea Host takes care of the back-end, manages the physical servers, and guarantees speed, uptime, and stability, However we still offer additional management plans for additional cost if you're looking for VPS management we offer the best service and experience for virtual private server management including many features that can protect your servers and increase level of security you don't need any technical skills or knowledge we got this for you , our professional linux experts will take care of everything you need on under the VPS management plan.

Do we provide windows VPS?
  • Yes, we do provide linux and windows virtual private servers however linux servers are more popular and windows operating system can be chosen for additional license cost also we don't provide management plans for windows sever but only linux.

How do i backup my data on a VPS?
  • For VPS backups you may set a backup using snapshots tool on your VPS control panel to capture your current system and restore it in no time.

    However if you need it more frequently it’s also possible to set a weekly or daily backups on your VPS as you will gain a full root access and a dashboard to control your VPS snapshots and main commands.

Where is my VPS located at?
  • Mainly our VPS services and most of our servers are located in Germany while we still provide other locations which you can choose from addons locations includes United States, United Kingdom,Asia,Australia but for additional costs.