Refund And Money Back Guarantee Policy

First: refund the value of the products after payment
Our dear customer, regarding the refund of the sums owed for the services after they have been paid, Red Sea Host does not provide its users with any possibility to recover the sums paid in order to renew, purchase or subscribe to the service once it is activated, and the customer loses the possibility of that absolutely after 24 hours have passed since the date of the payment, as Our team works on preparing all services for users immediately through the system, in particular but not limited to server services, which are booked directly through a third party (data center) and there is no possibility of refunding the value of the service or negotiating in this regard. This item also includes all services The company, including the software that is delivered, private business, websites, mobile applications, e-marketing and other services, whether intended for individuals or companies, as any value that is paid for the company’s account is deducted directly from the service providers according to agreements and obligations between the two parties, and in the event that the service is software The software codes are delivered to customers within the agreed contract period and no refunds can be provided Once the implementation of the work has begun, therefore, you acknowledge and agree to these conditions through your registration on our website or through your purchase / renewal / subscription to any of our services, and Red Sea Host officially releases all legal responsibility towards that.
Second: Payments by mistake
Red Sea Host works to provide the latest information technology systems to manage its electronic services for all its platforms, and the company affirms its commitment to all local and international laws and standards. Therefore, the company uses a clear and explicit system for all its electronic services, and there can be no possibility of unconfirmed payments or made without the desire of its customers during Subscribing to the service, and accordingly, any lawsuit or claim about payments is dropped by mistake, and the customer has no right to claim or claim sums of money from any party, and he must communicate immediately with the financial department in the company. In the event that the order is approved that the payment is not due by the company, the customer can provide us with the transaction number And communicate with us internally to take the necessary action and verify the correctness of the details. Also, in the event that the customer wishes to stop renewing any services or subscriptions due, he must inform the company before the expiration of his services, with a period of not less than one week for the monthly services, and one month for the annual services, in order to take the necessary action in canceling the amounts. due and canceling the service based on the customers desire, and in the event that the customer is late in doing so The company can issue its naturally due invoices, and the customer is obligated to pay their value formally. Once you use our services, products, and subscriptions, you acknowledge and agree with full satisfaction to these terms and policies mentioned.
Third: Exclusion from refund clauses
The guarantees that are provided directly by Red Sea Host through the Red Sea Host website are excluded on products that expressly stipulate that only, which include web hosting services, in which a money-back guarantee can be made for a period of 30 days since the date of payment, provided that it is a request The return is accepted by the relevant department for a clear reason as damage or dissatisfaction with the quality of the service provided. The customer is not entitled to refund any money or claim any compensation after 30 days have passed on the hosting services for websites. This item is for these mentioned services only and is considered canceled after exceeding the specified warranty period. Also, this clause does not apply to any other products not mentioned here.
The customer shall be fully satisfied with all these conditions immediately upon using, subscribing or purchasing any of the services of Red Sea Host, and the Arabic version of this agreement is the officially approved one, and the English version is for translation purposes only. The terms of the User Agreement and the Privacy Policy apply alongside this Agreement as provided by law.

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last updated 03/10/2023